Scuba Diving Key Largo

Scuba Diving Key Largo

The Best Scuba Diving Key Largo Sites:

For Scuba Diving, Key Largo offers the very best diving sites in Florida!

The Upper Florida Keys provide You can discover everything from ledges, walls and extensive coral reefs in the Upper Floriday Keys. These include the renowned Molasses Reef which covers a huge area and is home to over 500 species of fish. For Scuba Diving Key Largo is a truly memorable place to experience. Make sure to dive Pickles Reef, the Conch Reef System, Davis, Crocker, Victory, and many others. Another very popular dive is to the Christ of the Abyss statue.

The depths for scuba diving range from 18 to 120 feet. The weather allows for all year round dives. In the winter, swells and currents may lead to some trips being canceled. Make sure to check with your Scuba Diving Key Largo charter on the day of the dive.

Diving Key Largo

When scuba diving Key Largo, it is possible to dive down to all of the major wrecks in the area. The great Key Largo Scuba Diving locations include the U.S. Coast Guard Cutters Duane and Bibb. There is also the much loved Spiegel Grove, and The Eagle. Some currents may be swift and some of these dives would be more suitable for advanced open-water divers due to depth ceilings.

No scuba diving Key Largo trip would be complete without a visit to the amazing John Pennekamp National Marine Sanctuary. Here you can enjoy some education as well as some exceptional scuba diving in Key Largo!

Most of the scuba diving Key Largo charters are reputable and will offer a somewhat similar service. You should be aware that there are some important differences. Some scuba diving boats in Key Largo are very large, these may offer more space and some shade but can be cattle class on busy days. Six-packs are smaller, but can offer more flexibility in terms of custom destinations and provide for a more personal dive experience.

Check out the Scuba Diving Key Largo Schedules calendar to find all the best scuba diving trips available.

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