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Each cause has its advocates, and more than 500 causes have awareness ribbons. Probably the two most well-known awareness ribbons are; the red ribbon in support of those with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS); and the pink ribbon which denotes breast cancer awareness. The meaning behind the awareness ribbon depends on its color. Many different groups, foundations, and organizations have adopted these ribbons as symbols of support or awareness. Now we have an orange camouflage ribbon for hunting awareness.

Rather than thinking that the idea is trivial, think about this. If huntings opponents succeed at ending hunting, wildlife would face enormous tragedy. The chief mechanism for wildlife conservation in North America is hunting. Wildlife’s chief benefactors are hunters, but few people really know the truth about hunting. Hunting awareness in our increasingly urbanized society will help people to become aware of the positive benefits.

Hunting and culls help to diminishes animal suffering. Without hunting, wildlife would far less abundant and accessible than it is today. No species has ever been harmed by regulated hunting. The evidence found for hunting awareness is that we would have far less wildlife in North America without hunting.

Collaboration Over Competition

Without hunting awareness, people who fight against hunting are actually fighting against the most successful wildlife management policies ever created. John Annoni came up with the orange camouflaged hunting awareness ribbon to draw more attention to the actual truth about hunting. Mr. Annoni is not your stereotypical hunter. He is a black man who teaches in a school in the inner city of Allentown, Pennsylvania. He also founded Camp Compass Academy in 1994 to introduce his students to the meaning and value of hunting.

Annoni can teach his kids the truth and raise hunting awareness, but everyone needs to know about it as people often read and hear misleading and untrue stories in the media. Visit to find out more and to get your orange camouflage ribbons.

Hunting Awareness

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