Ski Chair Lift For Sale

ski chair lift for sale

Beautiful Ski Chair Lift For Sale

You have come to the right place if you want a refurbished ski chair lift for sale. Wherever you choose to install, this piece of furniture is sure to become a family favorite, providing the perfect setting to create many happy memories for years to come. The restored ski chair lift makes the perfect addition to any outdoor leisure area.

The ski chairlift bench provides a functional feature for any outdoor leisure or entertainment setting and is a great alternative to the suspended swinging ski chair lift for sale as some people prefer a freestanding unit. The static bench unit proves as popular as the Ski Chair Lift which is restored and crafted to the exact stringent standards as applied to all the Ski Chair Lift Furniture. The dimensions are the same as the swinging ski chair lifts, except for the inclusion of 18” legs.

You can rest assured that only the sturdiest of decommissioned ski lifts are selected for restoration, and stringent refurbishing process is adhered to ensure that all ski benches are both safe for use, cozy and aesthetically pleasing in any setting. The steel frames are sandblasted to remove any rust then treated with a two-part epoxy coating to prevent any corrosion, then finished in a standard matt black. Maple wood slats are replaced where necessary and sanded to a smooth finish, stained and varnished by hand to revive the original rich natural finish. There are upgrades to the ski chair lift for sale with Mahogany or Teak finishes available as optional extras.

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