Conveyancing fees

Conveyancing fees

What are the Average Costs or Fees for Conveyancing in the UK?

This is one of the most discussed topics of conversation within conveyancing and that most people ask when buying, selling or remortgaging their property. How much is a solicitor going to cost to handle my conveyancing?

From the data collected through the network so far, Conveyancing Calculator has compiled a table of average conveyancing prices, average conveyancing fees and costs from their network of professional conveyancing expert solicitors and licensed conveyancers. Whilst it is perfectly acceptable to use this average conveyancing pricing table as a guide when budgeting to buy or sell your property, you should always make sure that you get an actual fixed fee conveyancing quote, when you are ready. This way you can calculate your conveyancing costs and all of the associated fees involved in your conveyancing transaction.

  • Average Buying / Purchase Conveyancing Fees
  • Average Selling / Sale Conveyancing Fees
  • Average Remortgaging / Remortgage Conveyancing Fees

Property conveyancing fees

Looking for a Fixed Fee Conveyancing Quote and NOT an Average Conveyancing Price?

If you are actively seeking a solicitor or licensed conveyancer to help you when buying a property, selling a property or remotgaging your home, then simply enter your details on the Conveyancing Calculator site to receive fixed fee quotes for conveyancing fees, direct from some of the UK’s best value property solicitors

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