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Near the top of every brand’s list of marketing goals is finding a way to generate more engagement on Twitter. Having a large following is incredibly lucrative as you can drive sales via your audience, or monetize your page by charging other brands to advertise to your fans. Unfortunately, these are privileges that belong exclusively to celebrities or established brands with huge marketing budgets. However, Followback is looking to even the playing field.


Celebrity followback and retweets on Twitter

The exciting new startup Followback is allowing regular people to not only monetize their Twitter following, but also receive retweets, follows, and tweets from the biggest celebrities in the world. Whether it’s your favorite celebrity, musician, popstar, dj, actor, tv or radio personality, you’ll be able to have access to their massive audiences on Twitter, as well as their other social media platforms. With a few clicks you can select which platform you want to utilize and how much you’re willing to pay.

Monetizing your own Twitter audience is just as easy as finding a celebrity to share your content. When you join Followback, simply link your social media account and provide the amount of followers you have on each network. After that you’ll be well on your way to profiting off your social media presence, just like the big names you follow.

This will eliminate the need to throw away money on services that offer fake social engagement. Now you can get all the benefits of an organic audience. There truly is not another service like this, and it’s free to join. So if you’re serious about increasing your social media presence, sign up on Followback today and start building your social media empire.

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